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likes don't be so cruel you're starting to drool ♪ ♪ when the clock ticks down your time will then be gone ♪ ♪ oh, she's my enemy ♪ jumpin' on strangers-- ♪ savin' the money just to make yourself young-- ♪ ♪ 19 whipping under a-- --on the ground ♪ ♪ --twisted ground wondering why we don't-- ♪ ♪ oh, she's my enemy ♪ oh, she's my enemy [music] cool it down. slow it down. breathe. slow it down. get your heart rate down. very good. slow it down. now, we're gonna work the legs. grab your chair. now, we're gonna work the chest. grab your weights. put them up. tight. hands up. and in, out. squeeze it. out. work those pecs. i find it offensive. the things you find... smut. oh. oh god, oh god, oh god, nce. oh, lance, i have something to tell you. oh. oh. you know i've wanted this from the beginning. now, come on, admit it. you wanted me too. oh, but, lance, what about tracy? oh, she's nothing to me. nothing. - what about brett? - nothing. - muffy? - nothing. - stacey? - nothing. - conchita? - nothing. then at last, my love, i can truly believe it really is me
. no matter what mask we wear, we blacks are damned if we do and damned if we don't. as ralph ellison says in the beginning of his novel, invisible man, we black americans have no guarantee that we exist at all. i am an invisible man. no, i'm not a spook like those who haunted edgar allan poe nor am i one of your hollywood movie ectoplasms. i am a man of substance, of flesh and bones, of fiber and liquids, and i might even be said to have a mind. i am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in the circus sideshows, it is as though i have been surrounded by mirrors of hard distorting glass. when they approach me, they see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination-- indeed, everything and anything except me. nor is my invisibility exactly a matter of a biochemical accident to my epidermis, that invisibility to which i refer occurs because of a peculiar disposition of the eyes of those with whom i come in contact. a matter of the construction of their inner eyes, those eyes with which they look through t
am. here i am. forgive me. i hunted everywhere for a taxi. take, delilah, darling. don't put her in a-- now, come on. let's get on with it. opening positions, please. you're in the way. forgive me for existing. when the curtain rises, leo gala, wearing a cook's hat and apron, is busy beating an egg in a basin with a wooden spoon. now, do i real he to wear a cook's hat? yes, my dear fellow. a cook's hat and you beat eg. and if that's not enough, you have to represent the shells of the eggs that you're beating. [laughter] do you understand now? no. neither do i. however, let's get on with it. mm? oh, yes. i suggest you turn towards camera a bit, about a three-quarter face. otherwise, what with the abstruseness of theialogue, and none being able to hear you-- are you stening to me? listen when i'm explaining a thing. there are some people here, governor, who would like a word with you. who are you and what do you want? you know perfectly well no one's allowed in here during rehearsal. we are here in search of an author. what? in search of an author? which author? any author, sir. there's
africans don't have words for chord and don't have a word for harmony. ♪ i wonder wheryou are, my darling. ♪ in a general sense, harmony means being in agreement. you can say that some people are working in harmony. they're working in agreement with each other toward a common goal. in music, it's similar. musical notes-- musical pitches can be in agreement with each other. ♪ heart. what constitutes agreement is the key question. in eastern europe, there are some sounds that they think are in agreement that most people who are not from eastern europe will think are very, very much in disagreement in the style of music called ganga. [singing ganga music] [shrill yell] in gangan music, they sound notes at the same time that are very, very close together. and in bosnia, that sound is of the essence of music. what constituteseing in agreement or being dissant or being consonant is a culturally determined thing. and it can change over time. [ensemble plays early music] (narrator) within the western classical tradition, ideas have varied over time as to what combinations of notes make
don't think it's going to happen at the school to now let's talk about russia it has staked a claim in kiev citing close cultural and jill a graphic ties now. what role does this claim in these diplomacy right now. well the eu is not denying that these countries are very close and they understand very well that the ukrainian economy is very dependant on russia that they need russia as an export market for energy supplies so they understand this argument about russian pressure very well but they also say nope this is the partnership is not directed against anyone is not directed seventy in all but eight against russia and in fact russia may benefit from it even if it's on top of it. so that's the sort of argument that the eu uses. still it's not just ukraine that has turned back or shifted back to russia. melrose arch of age on armenia as well have done so is the use eastward enlargement now effectively over. well at the moet it does seem as if this movement has run out of steam at the school. it's only a georgia and moldova that the two countries who are more misbehaving in the way
leaders are wrestling with the final issues of the agreement michael cst general secretary of it some don't want a strong message to his negotiation comments. it's been humid but it probably does he need to stop stretching everything out and giving it to see and it's high time they stopped making demands and started making compromises. i know god know what it's going to own that so prominent. the man who lived in on the plane. but wouldn't comment on how she intended to break the deadlock. the outstanding key issues include a free ringtone. dual citizenship my intentions for mothers and most contentious read to the conservatives. amazingly cool cool. but this has been in this the wee ones come in only two eight euro safety for all of germany without any exceptions for particular sectors to people the counties of resigned to crashing down into the deal is on the table. in addition to the posse rambling america decides who occupied the various cabinet posts and future governments. and as innately breaking development houses doctor correspond simon young joins us now from billy braunfels in
] pshit. oh, what a nasty word. pa ubu, you're a dirty old man. watch out and don't bash your lot in, ma ubu. it's not me you want to do in, old ubu, oh, no. it's someone else for the high jump. by my green candle, i'm not with you. how come? do you mean to say that you are content with your lot? pshit, madam, yes. by god, i am perfectly satisfied. who wouldn't be? captain in the dragoons, aide-de-camp to king wenceslas, decorated with the order of red eagle of poland, ex-king of aragon. you can't get higher than that. so what? having been king of aragon, you are content to ride in reviews at the head of 50 bumpkins armed with billhooks, when you could get your loaf measured for the crown of poland? huh? i don't understand a word you're saying, my love. how stupid can you get? by my green candle, king wenceslas is still alive. but isn't he? and even if he does kick the bucket, hasn't he masses of children? why shouldn't you finish off the whole bunch and put yourself in their place? now, by god, madam, you really have gone too far. and you shall be, very shortly, beaten up, good and prop
on the seventeen ninety and are watching them. i don't i just glow is welcome to the jury going to live feed of the year of life. since simple concise be joining us coming up. ukraine tends to be sticky and dumped plans for partnership with the european union afghanistan's lawyers or go meets to discuss the security pact with the us. karzai says he doesn't trust the americans and growing alarm for the central african republic strong joins global warnings of genocide the ukrainian government has abandoned for a landmark free trade agreement with the european union was a dramatic statement comes off the column and stinky and thirty down this list that was a blast. the jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko to receive medical treatment in the gemini and that was seen as the conditions and eat it with your and our ukraine says it will be reviving talks on a closer partnership with neighboring russia observers say could be a turning point in a country torn between east watts opposition lawmakers in ukraine. shouted the word kitty. after parliament rejected a series of bills that would allow fo
are, too, we're their neighbors. we all drink out of the same lake. it's all our country. if... i don'knowpeople have to aw a line someplace on what kind of an environment . schoumacher: that line was nally drawn in federal court. on what kind of an environment . for the next four years, claim llowed counterclaim. the answer's definitely yes, it'ldelay it. hearing followed hearing. no. environmentalists produced expert witnesses who said the tailings were dangerous. reserve produced experts who said they were not and hinted that they might be forced to shut down the ant if denied access to the lake. silver bay residents saw an economic catastrophe in the making. one-industry town. everytng is dependent upon reserve mining operating. schoumacher: in 1977, the federal court handed down its decision. after years of legal maneuvering by all parties, reserve reluctantly agreed to keep the silver bay plant open and to build a tailings disposal site seven miles inland from the lake at a cost of nearly $400 million. i real have nothing to say at this time. schoumacher: today, the water in tse
this season. it is an amazing team. we have our own strengths. we have to go for it great we don't hold back. we cannot be afraid. -- the team will be hoping to give its fans something to cheer about. division appears to be regaining his form. it was a hard-fought match between two former first division teams. they failed to score. passe 37th minute, a through the stubborn defense. they stopped the equalizer, but to no avail. moving onto tennis where the former world number one is starting to look like his old self again. roger federer facing the argentinian. roger federer is slowly returning to top form. he managed to beat one of the world's 10 top players for only the second time. set 6- him in the first 3. his opponent briefly got back into the game at the end of the first set. act -- bacer roared k. last week.en he now faces his archrival in the semifinals. play, iver i do see him see him fit, quick, confident and all of those wings you would expect from the world number one and now world number two. -- using his customary aggressive style playing. he found his footing in the second set
because i don't know what i'm going to say before i say it. improvisation is something which is basic to human life. [jazz music] in jazz, what you're required to do is to play what you feel at the spur of the moment. but you are also required to improvise within certain contexts. you have to be aware of the written melody that you play. you have to be aware of the harmonic sequence. in most cases, you're going to be improvising within and around that harmonic sequence. you have to be aware of the length of the song, of the form of the song because in most cases, in jazz, you're going to be improvising around that form. usually, the prewritten part of the performance is very short relative to the whole performance. you begin by stating a melody which is over a sequence of harmonies and within a certain form. that will be, in a sense, the composition. and after that, you launch into improvisation. jazz is a language that has been defined and refined over a period of about a hundred years. and anyone who is trying to be an improvisor in jazz has to be familiar with that language. the la
credibility and antagonize russia, so i don't think that will happen. >> let's talk to russia. it has stake in kiev. what role is displaying in the eu possible to ee right now? >> the eu is not denying that these countries are close, and they understand very well that the ukrainian economy is very dependent on russia, that they need russia as an export market for energy supplies. so they understand this argument about russian pressure very well, but they also say this is to partnership is not directed against anyone. it is not directed certainly against russia, and in fact, russia may benefit from it, even if it is not part of it, so that is the sort of argument that the ee uu's is. >> still, it is not just ukraine that has turned back or shifted back to russia. belarus, azerbaijan, armenia as well have done so. is the eu's eastern enlargement now effectively over? >> at the moment, it does seem as if this movement has run out of steam. it has stalled. it is only georgia and moldova, the two countries who are more or less behaving in the way the eu wants them to. all the others have more or
sunset to sunset it's so dark you just don't have to make your way. threw up. with the likes of joe the government to send fifteen thousand soldiers to the worst hit areas to try to assist survivors emergency relief teams are also seeking to do what they can. but with hundreds of thousands of people displaced. the size of the task is overwhelming. now it's just seem to have a great bike typhoon high on in the philippines and now people in india now mom bracing for the final of the monster storm of this country out of the south china sea and is heading towards central vietnam is expected to make plans for that. annie on sunday authorities have ordered evacuations in vulnerable areas with hundreds of thousands of people being moved to imagine c has helped us today need an owl in dramas heavy water reactor has become a sticking point in high level nuclear talks in switzerland. these crucial toll between six while palin's anti iran on tehran's nuclear program and had an unscheduled that day on saturday and the arrival of russian foreign minister sergei nostrils has added to the anticipa
and answers about to totally opposing political approaches if they don't we're not just to women who are the same thing. men of this incident aboard a kiwi had very different ideas about the future of the country. i need to put it that late tuesday. she lays divisions are not limited to politics in south america's richest country one in six lives in poverty. there are frequent and violent demonstrations for higher wages and social reforms especially in education and healthcare which is almost fully privatized and extremely expensive. another legacy of the pinochet regime and the topic which divides the two rivals twenty eight and bought two left in it and quit when they come november seventeen sixty nine in which we wish to live it. i want to live in a more modern country to one that's more john and i will now progress is progress for all and not to trip you only read only the education healthcare and a little and think only one in india. i should put it back forty years ago we were were country. ntt you better off than any other latin american country. no one doubts that you know it
. they want to put the cork off in the civil war but don't because i could actually help your position on the ground. it was had to fight this all very worrying prospect farewell martin says thank you so much for reporting marching to their reporting from green groups we had to italy now a desperate search and rescue efforts are underway in sardinia after a surprise rain storm slammed into the holiday island overnight flash flooding last at least seventeen people and forced hundreds to seek emergency emergency shelter. several people are still missing and authorities fear the death toll could rise even further one side he described the storm and the lead psychologically it just went to the queen leaving a trail of destruction. within our own words streets were turned into rivers. cars and bridges were washed away. the number of victims is on cleaner with rescue teams still unable to access the marianas the flash floods left houses submerged in up to three meters of water. the family of four drowned in their basement flat. just don't get the most damage on the north east of the mailing
kelly's you like the don't like. thanks for joining us coming up. the search for survivors of last year continues after he collapsed roof kills thousands of people. un climate told to me and end with no timetable for reducing emissions in sight europe law launches three satellites in a long awaited mission to study earth's magnetic field. search for survivors is continuing in the latvian capital riga after a roof collapsed on thursday evening in a busy street with dozens of people are being confirmed dead including some of the rescue black is not clear how many people may still be trapped underneath the rubble. it is to find them online. with more people believed to be under the debris. rescue workers in riga are continuing their search e crews are risking their own lines to search to the supermarket wreckage earlier three firefighters died in ten others were injured when another part of the building collapsed as the war. meanwhile people have been waiting for news of missing loved ones. my wife she's in there. i have no information yet and she's not among the dead or injured to wh
six tradition that he should come to germany. so i don't see the way full with debt that said there will be a gym delegation in most of all perhaps these lawyers will the questions the rainbow mean that it seems unlikely snowden could be offered asylum engine. some restaurants. the issues of data security are high on the agenda of coalition talks currently underway between thompson and intimate conservatives on the social democrats. a very decent different issue is causing your site a major headache plan to charge for drivers for use in germany's autobahn the country's politicians have reportedly discussing the details of such a scheme like the model to the illustrious distance when drivers have to patch is a tall stick at the polls expected to cost two hundred usd pm german car when the lights all proceeds from their vehicle registration tax the desk and said that it's cold took a toll to improve the house upon a sweat. johnson the mackerel opposed the proposal key link in recent parliamentary election campaign. also great for when the biggest names in german soccer will have
in each of these stores. >> forty? >> yep. and they're only local cheeses i'm talking about. they don't have many, uh, imported cheese because it's very expensive, so people don't buy it. >> you guys have string cheese? >> yes, this is one of the string cheeses that we have in turkey. and this is always sold like this, in strings. >> just like that. >> yeah, and there's-- >> you don't have to string it yourself. >> this is the unsalty kind. >> that's not salty. that's like mozzarella. >> exactly. another staple in turkey are pulses, such as haricot beans, broad beans, lentils, and chickpeas. sometimes known as poor man's meats, originally they became popular here because of their ease of cultivation in uncompromising conditions. these days, however, they are lauded by the nutritionally aware as being protein and energy rich, as well as eco-friendly to grow. what kind of spice are they using in a lot of the cuisine here now? >> um, well the traditional turkish cuisine right now is very limited as far as spices go. but one thing that was very popular in ottoman cuisine was sweet meat di
europe will pass on this rate cut to their customers. i don't know whether they pose on the rate cut by the iwi in the interest rate of what they will have to do is they will have to man began to the banking community because of the ones that build models of business models is being hampered the cd forces in southern european part to give more lonesome has real economy and that is a good arm braces for growth going forward into twenty four team what this is like i'd actually tell us about how the ecb is being run. well the ecb is being run in a way that's wrong. reminds us of the southern europeans saw them the more than europeans thought of then again the malt giving up on the aspect that it still insisted that she found a policy because the low inflation and bomb and pluto were lending involvement in vowels. this kind of policy by this gift giving more risky. going into the future seoul the ecb. it comes off a little bit off it stands of fuel stability policy and pesto lot of make out of this decision. the mire thanks for that assessment. the sell out in the markets react to our re
of the talks with sergei lavrov there tomorrow what development without praying what id. i don't think the odds of those tolls will be some extent because of difficult negotiations are happening now. on a doomed suspect that used only to come to be on the photo when they are celebrating the agreement. well he's certainly well the markets tennis thank you for joining us ran us from geneva. i readily turn out to a storm that is said to have wind speeds faster than her teens standing and katrina combined super storm heidi on has been battering down on the philippines with at least four people killed and power lines knocked out in several provinces telecommunication lines down officials haven't been able to assess the full extent of the damage. but that the storm swept through quickly and officials hope that might have spared the country from a major disaster. rescue crews arrived just in time to the scene and after the abandoned their part of the online poll the typhoon heidi on more into the central philippines early in the morning. flooding roads call clean power and telephone lines and banterin
be introduced to german drivers don't have to pay more for using motorways and if it conforms with eu law. and finally european policy early on the spd had to get on it suggested to a lot euro nations that have been worst hit by the crisis with your own bonds. the ctu rejects the idea of pooling existing sovereign debt to lower borrowing costs. however the new coalition government will tighten regulation of banks and financial markets more let's go back to john barrett or parliament is it is now double as coalition agreement means for germany's position on europe weird little bit now report. what else. what it means more of the same. it means that meant the position is very much stronger if the coalition agreement as approved by the second democrat grassroots it'll mean that in the school will be able to determine policy. and it should be and to argue policy put it through with its ruin in brussels as he wants me too as he has up until now had to do to win the support of the social democrats in the had session of parliament that'll be done behind it as doors what she has been a kitty gett
that when you open and close a pad, you don't get an "on/off," "yes/no." there's a lot of gray area in between. that makes transitions between notes appear to be very smooth so that you have an imperfection in the pad actually enhancing the artistic quality of the instrument. and what we did to deal with this problem was to actually sandblast the mold to roughen the surface of the silicone to create infinitesimal little leaks. as a result of creating these leaks in the pad, we were able to partially satisfy the artist's desire to have more gray area and to allow for smooth transitions. (stubbs) the evolution of precision technonologies has made a kind of standard possible whereby you can go to duluth or to paris and find the same a440 on the instrument that you are playing. and this kind of standardization has led to the sharing of more music; the playing of more varied instrumentalists together. but a musical instrument can be made of something extremely simple and still have the power of profound expression. it seems to only be true in the european or american world that people lo
don't just want to go up, we want to spread our branches. you can see how tight it gets. number one, in nature, the stronger one prevails, always. the problem here is to many spruces and too few silver spurs. the forrester explains the benefits. you see what a fat route this is. this shows that these trees can reach more different minerals in the ground with different water reserves in the summer, making them the more stable tree. they are comparable with the oak trees on the fat planes. here, this is the for. 10 women and four men are spending a week outdoors to protect the valuable furs. only a few grow as tall as these. the young furs are a delicacy for the deer that wander through, stunting their growth. this puts other trees at an andntage and while the furs animals forist the fur to eat the firs. >> there is no vacation. these volunteers have a week of forest rework. participant says they will learn how to wrap the firs in wool, which is supposed to protect the young saplings from being taken off. but before the full work starts there are instructions. the chief forrester want
that it is more likely to see a postponement for -- i don't know, within the next 14 days. but the reason for that possible postponement is still unknown. >> now, if no deal is reached at, what will be the next step? >> well, no deal achieved would the experts on a lower level then the minister level have to deal again, have to prepare the remaining issues to find some common agreements, and then maybe income i don't know, 10 days, 14 days there will be another meeting of the high level have seen here in geneva. to really close this agreement. hnisch in geneva, thank you very much for this update. moving onto other news, the head of the central council of jewels semitism --says anti- and juice still face brutal hatred as they have for centuries. -- the comments, on the anniversary of knights of the -- night of the broken glass. hundreds of people were killed and analyzed synagogues, homes, businesses. commemorations are today being held throughout germany. there was another important historical anniversary on saturday in germany. the berlin wall came down on november 9, 1989 here in berli
infrastructure was destroyed. >> i can't think. i don't know what to do. right now all we can do is get through each day but i don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after that or if we an continue surviving. >> those who can are leaving tacloban. there are long lines at the airport for a seat on a flight out. but the few military planes in operation can seat just over 100 passengers. on sunday president aquino flew in to assess the situation. he says the government's priorities were to restore power and communications and to deliver relief and medical instantaneous. >> we have around 300 policemen soldiers who can rotate and restore peace here. later tonight there will be several armored vehicles arriving to show the strength of the state and stop those who started the looting here. >> he criticized local authorities for failing to better protect the populace despite clear warnings of the strength of typhoon haiyan. >> international relief efforts are beginning for the four million people who have been affected by the supertyphoon. many thousands are without shelter, food, and clean d
's call it that. you felt a freshness and a kind of emphasis. i don't want to say violence. that point's been misused in this connection. franz kline drew inspiration from cubism. willem de kooning did portraits that became highly charged responses to the women who were his models. the abstract expressionists wanted to paint on the same level of quality as the old masters or as, let's say, the best of the school of paris-- picasso, matisse, mondrian. they were striving for excellence. they found they did better work when they went abstract. mark rothko chose a path to pure expression by using only gradations of color on his canvases. pollock's vision and greenberg's theory were explored by a second generation. many acknowledged that helen frankenthaler adapted pollock's technique in a way that made him more accessible to other artists. she stained her canvas with highly diluted paint to achieve these haunting effects in mountains and sea. the abstract expressionist movement dominated the world of western art for over a decade. by the mid fifties, they were established, only to be super
and the united states with a list of sanctions, they don't have the opportunity and the possibility to go closer to each find an agreement and it would be a surprise to see this right here, a solution -- and i don't think we will see a solution by tomorrow. >> thank you very much. turning to other news, turkey has declared the egyptian envoy persona non grata. this is after they called for the release of mohammed morsi. wasgypt said this unacceptable from ankara. since he wasal forced from power in july. demonstrations in cairo marked 100 days as security forces cleared several camps in favor of mohamed morsi from the city. you in climate talks in warsaw, poland -- a compromise deal has been reached to limit greenhouse that, but many interests them -- that separated negotiators have been left unresolved. many of them will not be ironed out until 2013. arcticntists warn that ice is rapidly melting away, laming carbon emissions for rising temperatures and want some cuts to deal with global warming. the warsaw talks went into overtime as environmentalists accused rich countries of creating an impac
's coming down a little bit. don't you dare. shooting it away for a security screener and shooting. i've been shooting the game to another. but that's not completely. during her short to hear from the airport. you see are for right now what is the situation been like that i cry as i have to shake it shake it and i didn't think much of arriving i should do it. at any of the area. on the ground. boot space everything is. at the airport i believe it will take a few hours. he recalled alright million won thanks very much for joining us from los angeles. with the leader of the pakistani taleban lion hunting law niece who has been killed in the u s drone strike. this attack comes just one day after the government announced it had started peace talks with the group. county officials say four other suspected militants were also killed in the strike. soon he is accused of plotting numerous bombings including one that killed seven u s security officials and afghan military base in two thousand on widely reported to have been killed in three years ago but later resurfaced. drone strikes are deep
speech the scandal would never accept that it's going to house workers. don't go in transparency international says jenny should do more to shield was the blows them in the senate by injuries and too little protection for people who come forward ashley and her labor laws because schools are a little better for civil servants and sector. i'm excited and pleased to point to legal practices tasting fire the courts have the final say in employees have no guarantees us a pizza. rules vary across europe whistle blows out the strongest like to dress in luxembourg at the media. gemini from hungary affordable levels of protection and fall in the middle of the range employees in finland spain and greece face of hostile legal climates. the oecd on trade unions say whistleblowers needs great to riots. it is in firing do you really make sense for companies to consult internally with works councils to develop a non assistance from getting too long. and to condemn a good management the chance to address wrong to lead that have gone unnoticed the standard in each candle today. trade unions on tr
's my style because they don't help anyone in action since. most people can leave and most of the eu cannot get real. there's a shortage of trucks and many roads are impassable. in desperation survivors have turned to the team. eight people were crushed to death and thousands of people stormed a rice warehouse on a wall collapsed the government has deployed troops to maintain order. ikea store decent autobahn are struggling to come. the only were able to keep all the elements of transportation has been destroyed. we completed the mass grave site yesterday afternoon so we can bury many of the dead it. the stench of corpses painting year and the risk of disease increases as each day passes without clean water supplies the sense of growing less water and food are just repeated soon the chaos will worsen. and our correspondent bass and heartache is in or max eighty s about one hundred km away from cup filled on one of the worst hit islands of late tap. we asked about the efforts to reach the survivors. though we own up to complete it in a debate that the panicking at dc
effort has been too slow. they don't do much much more he said he heard complaints that many people have read the bill they have all the days after the storm since chris johnson is speaking to his earlier from cebu city. a passenger plane has crashed in the russian city of cars on killing all fifty people on board the boeing seven thirty seven belonging to the cost on airlines was making a second attempt to land and exploded when it hit the wrong way the plane has left most go earlier in the day. forty four passengers and six crew members on board polls are due to close in less than two hours in chile's presidential election. socialist candidate michele bachmann it is widely expected to win. if she does it'll be her second time in the country's cultural she previously served as president between two thousand six and two tiles and ten. this time but still it is going to help narrow the gap between rich and four her main policy priority is educational reform. she's helping to finance with an increase in corporate tax the hill but still it was cheered as if he'd already won the election. he
. meeks told german policy makers to us takes german privacy concerns seriously. we don't take the actions of what has taken place within the state likely we are working diligently it is of concern in it matters to the people of the united states of america sharon has reacted angrily to revelations that the us has been spying on german e mails and phone calls. it's believed us intelligence listened in on tap american cell phone conversations for years. foreign minister to go best non stressed the need for clear walls in the future the euro. we want to find the right balance between security and privacy. that is the spirit of today's meeting he's a good question senator murphy said many americans were also concerned about overreach by intelligence services and there was momentum in congress toward new curbs. to be about setting new ground rules by which we jointly engage in only enough surveillance necessary to protect both countries. u s delegation is due in brussels on tuesday. us secretary of state john kerry is also expected to address german privacy concerns. we need to test my medical
was 7 -- was savage. >> i don't understand why push people to the ground and kick them. they started to beat me on the back and legs. >> on friday, an estimated 10,000 kremlin's protested peacefully. tensions have been on the rise since the morning. at the meeting, he defended his decision. russia has threatened the u.k. with sanctions. >> the cooperation is very important for us. it is a difficult question. >> eu leaders say that the door remains open for ukraine. opposition protest leaders in thailand have declared a final push to oust prime minister. they say send it will be their victory day and they are calling on demonstrators to surround and occupy more key government buildings. earlier, they targeted officers of communications companies. the protesters have been rallying in bangkok to paralyze the government. they say that the prime minister is the output of his brother. at least one person is confirmed dead after helicopter crashed into the roof of a bar in the scottish city of glass go. the death toll -- city of glasco . the death toll is expected to rise. continuing their
to get the agreement are ready to sign and to but we don't know when that will be the outline for a spot a potential deal could look like. well the easiest way to explain it is that the wrong degrees to stall for everything that gets good toasted to a nuclear weapon and on the other side especially the you and you stay up all far some of the sanction really off cause it's it's not that easy the problem. the problems are in the deep space set the house to find a way to of flight than that of the perfect price. everyone that both sides accept un and its specially the nuclear station that's under construction in our art where it is heavy work the system and that also can produce plutonium that is also used for nuclear weapons soak up the house to find a real interesting price for the iranians of that they say ok we believe this project of four. at least six months without any for the eyes of progress but the surprises to live in a stitched around them. therefore the analysis of what the solution here especially in geneva. thank you to pass. he has securities at some buses are persona non g
weeks. don't forget, none of these agreements are various areas of policy will be considered as having gone through until the financing, how they are going to pay for it, has been worked out overall. on top of that, the social democrats have said that they are going to consult all their nearly half a million members, and to get the greenlight to press ahead with this grand coalition of social democrats and conservatives. so there is plenty of arguing to do in the weeks ahead. >> certainly a lot still to be discussed. simon young, thanks for the update. >> two other high-level talks, iran and the u.n. nuclear watchdog say they have agreed on a roadmap to resolve outstanding issues. >> the plan clears the way for inspectors by the international atomic energy agency at the reactor that western powers they could be used to make bomb grade plutonium. high-level talks broke down over the weekend but are due to resume on november 20. >> moving onto business news, traders are still talking about that little surprised the ecb pulled on them last week. the central bank brought interest rates to
invested $1,000 and we'd have to sell 50 to profit. i said, "i don't think we'll get our money back." he said, "no, maybe we won't, but we'll have a company." if you're like me, that's reason for doing something. you don't have to justify it in some productive sense. we started as just a little play dream. for start-up capital, jobs sold his van and wozniak his calculator. soon they had a prototype. i took this blank pc board to hewlett-packard and showed it to my engineer friends. everyone was gloating over it. a few days later, steve called me at work. he's all excited and says, "i got a $50,000 order." that order came from the byte shop, one of silicon valley's first computer stores. jobs used it to get parts for the apple i. jobs' parents' garage, where the first apples were assembled, has entered entrepreneurial folklore as the log cabin birthplace of the personal computer. here wozniak tested the apple i and future models. jobs wrote advertising and managed the money. the characterization that steve jobs was the marketeer, the promoter, was absolutely true and that steve wozniak wa
. we are going to a short break. when we come back, plenty more news and sports here today. >> don't go away. >> don't go away. >> welcome back. the united nations is drawing attention to the plight of children caught up in the syrian conflict. >> it estimates some 3 million people have fled syria, most of them into neighboring countries. amongst the refugees, children are the most vulnerable with an uncertain and precarious future. >> of dillow goes begging for stale bread to sell as bird feed. that's how the 13-year-old helps us family survive at this refugee camp in jordan. the united nations says more than half of all syrian refugee children work instead of going to school. >> child labor is a major problem. unfortunately, because of their social situations, many families send her children out on the streets to perform menial work. >> a new report by the united nations refugee agency is based on interviews with 270 children. its title -- the future of syria, refugee children in crisis. the findings are alarming. many of the children have been orphaned. nearly a third are so traumati
recordings from the security cameras. on the road, i realize why so many immigrants don't make it far in this part of the country. there is nothing the desert. >> 80%-90% of the time, the entries we have been able to detect we have been able to apprehend. rate, butbig success some people will say border security is not until you get 100%. >> absolute border security. that is what i have heard many republican politicians demand. without that, they say no reform and no right to stay for the 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the country. he has a video on his computer produced by the border police themselves. it shows the same place we visited before, eight years ago. whites outnumbered. -- infrastructure >> outnumbered. the infrastructure is run down. >> or some americans, these are all criminals who want to steal their jobs. that is why the republican party can score points with its tough stance on immigration, at least among conservatives. but is a border fence really the solution to the problems? he is careful with his answer. >> i mean, is there ever a day achieveare going to
hard in the computer industry to apply is that we don't know, in the case of a new computer software program, whether the program is one product or two. and that is the guts of the question. i don't necessarily want to install a spell checker into my word processing program. i don't necessarily want to install a calculator into my operating system. so the firm does it for you, and in that way economizes on your time and better suits your needs. schoumacher: the court battle went on for three years. microsoft was found to have violated section ii of the antitrust law. the court ordered the breakup of microsoft. but that was overturned on appeal. finally, the u.s. court of appeals ordered both parties to settle. and in october of 2001, the government and microsoft reached an agreement. with the proposed settlement being announced today, the department of justice has fully and completely addressed the anticompetitive conduct that was outlined by the court of appeals against microsoft. it makes sure that those practices that the government feels could harm consurs are proscribed, arprohi
. but the food. i'm at it this week that the people that the phone to phone network that don't fit the text messages from time to go to if you're lucky but phone calls. virtually never. and we met a lot of people at the airport today. who wanna go there this come from all around the country and they have to print up a bunch in a way that their minds because they haven't heard from them in case they demolished and the ip them and am anticipating that they can go and they can call them they can reach them. so for them it hit the route to a horrible situation and their baby on the rivet desperate cysts the most is still menacing looking assessment is for new detention on the issue of climate change the delegates gather in warsaw for the latest round of talks aimed at agreeing on an international pact to limit greenhouse gases global climate risk index released on the sidelines of the conference by the civil rights group german watch the philippines' second on a list of countries hit hardest by the weather extremes in twenty twelve. katie was toppled the list. after two powerful hurricanes last
can't say i don't know what to do. i know what will happen tomorrow was the day after that war is taking continued survival. i am dosen't care and are leaving petrol bomb. there are long lines at the airport for a seat on a flight out. but the few military planes in operation can see just over one hundred passengers. on sunday president me know what you know flew in to assess the situation he said the government's priorities were to restore power and communications and to deliver relief and medical assistance by the belmont. we had around three hundred policemen and soldiers who can rotate and restore peace here later tonight of a week several armored vehicles from our morning driving to show the strength of the state and stop those who started believing hiding in the labasa more than the movie though. you know criticized local authorities for failing to better protect the populace. despite clear warnings of the strength of typhoon high on. last summer leisure assets on beginning for these four men and people who have been sent to find the stupid time to it. many thousands are
aid is arriving bought nelson's are we that devastated. in italy another setback for ballast don't eat as his party threatens to split. bad news for german soccer fans something can be restored and he couldn't rule it out of next year's world cup. at the eight days after taught to try and struck the philippines relief efforts are finally gaining momentum. more international aid teams are riding in the hardest hit areas the eu has says is sending is that sending additional support but as we see in a press report that aid workers are facing a massive task with an estimated two million people displaced by the stall. these refugees have escaped from they have finally reached safety at the airport in manila. let's pretend more sense to it. and also the spiritual support. many of the people from the flooded areas me lou the stand. last month. i love everything. so i don't do so on. awesome support. much has been so sweet to all who also did some dancing. the crayon monster storm and ruins the top job on this baby girl was born today secured the suffering from a spirited problems. parents mus
internet urs that they asse tha tir da i bei soped up anyway and that they don't expect a great measure of dust protection when they're surfing all. terry martin after parliament receive gifts the gifts. but human health and america also had a message for neighbors to the east in the parliamentary debates. she said ukraine let's get serious about the rules of law and justice the only ones to clinch a trade agreement with the eu will foreign ministers from the eu a meeting in brussels today and then but it's ukraine hasn't done enough yet the question facing eu foreign ministers seem simple hasn't rained on and not to meet the conditions for a free trade deal. the former soviet country has failed to fulfil one of the eu scheme demands the release of yulia tymoshenko germany sees the issue as an indicator of the strain of the rule of law there. does this guy. that the out sen dodd and the situation we have this really seriously sky and the urgency is plain to see this beacon. what is up that's why we appeal to ukraine to use the coming hours to resolve a situation so i now. the rule of la
a third are so traumatized that they don't meet their shelters more than once a week the children form gangs reacting with violence. all carry with them horrible experiences from the lower his cheeky mideast often the children of his damage in children who don't want to leave the house scheme that we've interviewed children princeton school started which meant that the u of t's with all kinds of facts that the children can show she then fell asleep on the dp kinda exciting. the report is a cry for help and an appeal to the world not to write off series for children as a lost generation. gemini has long been among the countries with dual citizenship has been legal in most cases. i met the government says it is a form of preferential treatments and to a distinct bounty it's too bad cannot get a second possible. but this is set to change the new governing coalition comes the power of one of the demands of social democrats is that young people in germany's large turkish population for example be allowed to keep both german and turkish passports is. it kinda artsy was born into attack his f
understand whether they dwell upon it, or even think they don't understand. when we talk about form, we're talking about the shape that a piece or a presentation or a performance of music takes, from beginning to end. included in this is a notion that a piece has a beginning, an end, and some way of dividing the piece or structuring the piece from moment to moment. human beings are pattern-seeking creatures. we want to understand a larger unit as being made up of smaller units. (narrator) all musical traditions have established forms. these forms can be looked at as models or formulas which are used by composers and performers to structure their music over time. however, the way this is accomplished can vary significantly from one culture to another. [ensemble playing classical music] i think everyone views form differently. like there are many ways you could organize music just as, you know, if you or i were to organize our daily schedule, we'd all have our own way of doing it. it so happens that in western classical music, it's organized around the idea of things repeating and things
said the nsa to eavesdrop don't hang them in their pool so often the years. the paper said president obama was informed of the prestigious this summer and is a standstill gemini will make his pro ranks. staying. it is for the deal eavesdropping on them a thousand conversations of heads of government takes things to a new level. it's unacceptable. that is not distract us from the fact that a massive amount of spying on normal gym and citizens and businesses was underway at the same time went to an end and yet i see it is. mini cooper to sell a free trade deal between the us in the year to be suspended. washington barack obama promised a review of u s intelligence efforts. what we've seen over the last four years as their pastors continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm an issue in our view to make sure that know what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean. what they should be built. the new york times said obama could lead to still all surveillance only does it. us airlines the german and european union delegation to none did exactly that during talks in washington later
because they don't have the money but they've been really can't even think about the paper to try to survive right now. is this a lot of criticism of the government for not getting help out fast or how much pressure is there on president aquino right now there's a lot of pressure on it. survivors are waiting to be official but only him but of all the pulpit to cover that military police for the full response but people realize that many of you that the older disaster victims too but people are getting what the intent of getting food water treatment security i cooked up bar for today lol but called it that gets to the city of the year he said. a lock for a few people are your raffle ticket creditors who are going to rob or to take full credit their heads. many people are just desperate to get out anyway they can have a cargo plane. a navy ship but by road. so anyway they can since chris johnson on the line sports. time and time as a country of only children. this is a biological accident. for more than thirty years china has pushed a one child policy on almost all couples today be
countries to none more fun than today to deal with the effects of climate change they don't do the bulk of responsibility for the problem rests with wealthier countries insurance expensive already begun crunching the numbers of me i put on a global data bank so we can calculate the damage as a result whether to natural disasters around the world each year it will break that down to developing countries. and then except a certain portion of that bill we're looking at ten billion dollars sale last summer gemini seems keen to lead by example that smile just takes some thirty million euros to help developing countries fight climate change funerals have been held on the town and on into sunday and the victims of monday's intense storms sixteen people were killed when struck and cleopatra. dumped several months' worth of rain onto the island in the space of just a few laps the last night that weather system moved to the italian mainland being the capital rome and the silent force the country's top. emil should teach them some nbc gets an idea of the devastation. tony cummings is primary blue
is the traditional start of carnival celebrations. for the next month, they will be donning their costumes to sing and party. ♪ carnival is known as the fifth season in germany and is celebrated mainly in catholic areas. ♪ efforts continued on tuesday to form a new government for germany. 'svalnangela merkel conservatives and the social democrats are trying to hammer out a deal. the two sides found common ground on energy infrastructure policy. but plenty of disagreements remain. l has given a cold response to the proposal to allow voters to decide on european matters by referendum. rabbis from across europe wrapped up three days of discussions in berlin. the gathering in the german capital coincided with the 75th anniversary of kristalnaacht. the conference of rabbis was the first in berlin since the nazi era. >> we are back. not only are jews back, jewish life is back. and the jewish religious life is back. and the learning and studying of torah is also back. this is what we are celebrating. >> in november, 1938, angry mobs destroyed jewish starores. today germany has one of the fastest-grow
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